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Motivational Speaking...Empower Lethal!

Unleash the Swordsman Within!

Cathyn McK.

Pacific Gas and Electric

"Mr. Hunter is a phenomenal speaker with vast professional knowledge. He easily passes this on to his audience through relevant examples, concise dialog, and continual engagement. His delivery is on point, striking directly at the heart of the subject at hand, and is never dull or boring.


I have heard him speak multiple times, and have gone so far as to have had one of his sessions recorded, which I use as my personal "pep talk" in my professional life, when I am feeling insufficiently motivated. You will not be disappointed.

Benjamin C.


"Dan Hunter has spoken for my educational group many times, and I am always amazed by his words. He understands how to direct people by highlighting their own strengths and minimizing their weaknesses. This approach always leaves me and my colleagues feeling more empowered and optimistic instead of stressed out about one more technique we have to try and implement.


I can't recommend Swordsmanship Selling enough."

Robert C.

Data Scientist

"Dan Hunter is a fascinating public speaker. In addition to our personal conversations, I have seen him present at over a dozen events, and he has a rare stage presence that makes him a joy to listen to.


His program, Swordsmanship Selling, is His goal is *not* to close a sale -- it's to earn the trust of his client and prove why he is the best match for their needs."

Daniel Hunter has spoken around the world, empowering the 'swordsman within' to recognize, engage, and overcome the obstacles to success!


Professionals, students, entrepreneurs, builders and craftsmen, no matter our daily arena, each day is a day of challenges overcome.  Or not.


  • Who must be defended, and who must be overcome.  
  • What must be sacrificed, and what must be saved.
  • When to press an advantage and when to give way.
  • Why today matters, and why tomorrow will bring victory.
  • Where the path leads, and where it must divest from the paths of others.


Empower lethal...empower the swordsman within.

"You bleed on the training ground, that you might win in the arena."


Overcoming any challenge, achieving any goal, surviving any threat, all these exhilarating moments were made possible long before that moment of truth arrived.



"You are what you train."


Your future is being written today.  At this very moment, the success or failure your future self will experience, is being prepared for.  You are training right now, whether you know it or not.  If you know it, you are prepared to train for success...if not, you are training for your opponent's victory.



Drop me an eMail, give me a quick overview of your Motivational Speaking event, and I'll get right back to you with more information to help you in your search.

Do you, or your team, want to sell more, and have more fun doing it?

Executive Swordsmanship, llc
Berkeley, California 94706

Phone: +1 415 3075524+1 415 3075524



Daniel Hunter, Executive Swordsman

Daniel Hunter has built, trained and managed sales teams around the world.  As an awards-winning sales pro who's carried a quota himself, Daniel has trained outside and inside sales teams for multinationals like PSINet, IBMROLM, and Memorex Telex from the salesperson's perspective.  While competing for stakeholder value, Daniel has also earned the distinction of a pioneer in historical european martial arts, both successfully competing in national and international sword combat tournaments, and training swordsmanship around the world.