What is "Swordsmanship Selling"?

Your Businesses' Next Quarter is Just Around the Corner!

Daniel Hunter will come to your business and show you how Executive Swordsmanship, and Swordsmanship Selling, can engage and empower your sales team to new production heights.

Swordsmanship Selling Advances the Sale!


Swordsmanship Selling provides an engaging and memorable model for a salesperson's success.  This model efficiently advances the sales cycle towards closure.  Swordsmanship Selling uses rational deconstruction to strip bare the elements of the sales motion.  This deconstruction reveals the fundamental drivers behind critical steps.  These steps are the 'touches', scoring telling thrusts and cuts towards satisfaction of the prospects' closing requirements.


Swordsmanship Selling is Comprehensive! 


The fundamentals of Qualification, Engagement, Analysis, Synthesis, Conveyance and Closure are framed in terms of the duel.  This framework mirrors the lightning analysis forced by armed contest reflecting the very real combat we engage in to recognize, and eventually embrace, our objective.   It's when this objective is, by design, dedicated to advance the needs and desires of our prospect that we become an Executive Swordsperson.


Swordsmanship Selling is Engaging and Entertaining!


Employing historical, literary, and popular cultural references, Swordsmanship Selling compels an exciting, memorable and empowering perspective.  From here, the salesperson is armed according to the mandate of defending the prospect against less beneficial alternatives.  


Swordsmanship Selling is Measurable and Produces Revenues!


Each step in the sales cycle represents a crucial opportunity to isolate and reveal advantages.  These advantages, which present themselves every day, are too often both presumed and ignored. Swordsmanship Selling engages each of these opportunities as a matter of survival.


Do you, or your team, want to sell more, and have more fun doing it?

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Daniel Hunter, Executive Swordsman

Daniel Hunter has built, trained and managed sales teams around the world.  As an awards-winning sales pro who's carried a quota himself, Daniel has trained outside and inside sales teams for multinationals like PSINet, IBMROLM, and Memorex Telex from the salesperson's perspective.  While competing for stakeholder value, Daniel has also earned the distinction of a pioneer in historical european martial arts, both successfully competing in national and international sword combat tournaments, and training swordsmanship around the world.