Successful businesses know that what was necessary to bring them to where they are will be insufficient to take them where they want to go.


Fresh eyes, informed by experience and inspired by the lethal lessons of swordsmanship, can be the competitive advantage your business needs.

Executive Swordsmanship Series


Executive Swordsmanship(c) Series


Executive Swordsmanship is an approach towards both simplifying, and, advancing the work of achieveing business objectives.  By learning how the swordsman evaluates and prosecutes the business of overcoming obstacles and exploiting opportunities, today's executives gain a clarity critical to framing and forcing competitive advantage.


Swordsmanship Selling is the first course in the Executive Swordsmanship Series.

Do you, or your team, want to sell more, and have more fun doing it?

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Daniel Hunter, Executive Swordsman

Daniel Hunter has built, trained and managed sales teams around the world.  As an awards-winning sales pro who's carried a quota himself, Daniel has trained outside and inside sales teams for multinationals like PSINet, IBMROLM, and Memorex Telex from the salesperson's perspective.  While competing for stakeholder value, Daniel has also earned the distinction of a pioneer in historical european martial arts, both successfully competing in national and international sword combat tournaments, and training swordsmanship around the world.